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    YUTAI 26-36CM Two-tier stainless steel steamer with glass lid

    Short Description:

  • Product Size: 26-28-30-32-34-36CM
  • FOB price: $ 9.88-17.6
  • MOQ: 1000 sets
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Product Detail

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    Quick Details

    Packing PE bag + color box + carton
    QTY/CTN 8 sets/CTN
    Lid Tempered glass
    Handles SUS201 stainless steel
    Thickness of pot body  0.45mm
    LOGO Can be customized
    Bottom Three-layer pot bottom (304+aluminum+430)
    production capacity 1000 sets/day
    Quality Standard Polished evenly, no scratches or stains on the surface.
    Samples Free samples, but shipping cost by you.
    Delivery time Samples are usually within 7 days, for custom orders need according to the quantity.

    Products Feature

    ● This is a very popular steamer and the best selling one in our factory. It is very cost-effective and has a very classic appearance. It is a practical and very durable Chinese steamer.

    ● There are many sizes of this pot, you can choose the diameter from 26-36CM. And it is three-layered, the pot can cook soup, and the food can be steamed on it.

    ● The bottom of the pot is made of three-layer energy-gathering composite material that ensures faster heating and more even heat distribution. And it is suitable for gas, electric, glass, ceramic, stove, induction and halogen.

    YUTAI 26-36CM Two-tier stainless steel steamer with glass lid

    About us

    Chaozhou Yutai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in stainless steel cookware. The main products are stainless steel steamers, saucepan, soup pots, stockpot,frying pan and so on.
    Our factory has 15 years of production experience, all products meet international quality standards, the factory area is 9,000 square meters, and there are about 100 workers.
    Welcome customers to contact and cooperate both from home and abroad.

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    Q1: Why does food stick to the bottom?

    The food sticks to the bottom because the temperature of the stainless steel pot rises rapidly after heating, and the temperature rises immediately after the food comes into contact with it, and it sticks to the pot. When using, we should use medium and low heat to make the pot heat evenly.

    Q2: How to prevent food sticking to the pan bottom?

    Food sticking to the bottom is usually caused by uneven heating of the pan or too high a temperature, and the food quickly chars when it comes into contact with the frying pan. Before we put meat or other food, we need to heat the pot evenly and then pour in the cooking oil, and control the temperature to be about 180°C.

    Q3: Are stainless steel cookware a good choice for cooking?

    Stainless steel kitchenware is a good choice for healthy cooking, but we must choose kitchenware made of SUS304 (18/10). The element of stainless steel is very stable during normal cooking and will not change the taste of food, but it cannot be used for long-term storage of acidic or alkaline food, because it will react with stainless steel.

    Q4: Are non-stick coatings healthy?

    Usually non-stick pans are due to the addition of Teflon coating on the surface of the pan, which has good chemical stability at 250 ° C, but will decompose harmful substances when it exceeds 350 ° C.

    Mr. Cai: +86 18307684411

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