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    Are you trading company or manufacturer?

    We are a manufacturer with two own factories, welcome to contact and cooperate.

    Where is your factory located?

    "We are located in Caitang, Chaozhou,Guangdong. Near Shantou city. 20 minutes to Chaoshan Airpot/Chaoshan train station.
    Welcome to visit us."

    Can you make customized products?

    we are an OEM factory specializing in the production of customized cookware . We are a well-known factory in the local area,Welcome to contact us.

    Which brands do you work with?

    JD, MAXCOOK, DESLON, Momscook, Othello, SSGP, etc.

    Are you doing high-end or low-end products?

    Our products are basically high-end products made of SUS304 (18/10) material.each production step has QC inspection to ensure the strict quality control requirements.

    How do you guarantee quality?

    Our factory has always been OEM for well-known brands, and our customers are all over Europe, Japan and South Korea. We are well aware of the significance of strict quality control to our factory, so we have arranged professional QC to check the quality of each process.

    Can you provide samples?

    Regular samples are provided for free, but shipping is yours. Customized products please contact me for more details.

    What is your normal payment term?

    "Sample order: 100% payment before production/Usual.
    Order: 30% as deposit and balance paid before shipment. "

    How is the product shipped?

    We can help introduce the forwarder or by your own forwarder. if samples are sent by express.

    Why are there white spots in the pot after use?

    This is the precipitation and adhesion of impurities in the water after heating. It can be cleaned with stainless steel cleaning agent, or by heating it with water and vinegar in the pot.

    Why does the outer wall turn yellow?

    Stainless steel begins to yellow slightly at 160 °C, starts to yellow significantly at 220 °C, and rainbow colors appear above 400 °C. The yellowing is mainly caused by the high-temperature oxidation of the iron element in the stainless steel. The main component is iron oxide, which does not increase the toxicity, but affects the appearance.

    How to effectively clean the black pot?

    The easiest and most effective way is to use a stainless steel special stain remover. Black substances are basically carbonized food, because carbon is very stable, so it is difficult to clean with general cleaning agents. If it is an iron pot or stainless steel pot, we used to remove it by baking at high temperature and then washing it with steel balls, but if the temperature control is not good, it is easy to damage the pot body, and now we do not recommend doing so.

    Why does stainless steel rust?

    "Stainless steel has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation, but its essence is still steel, and it will still be corroded and rusted in the medium and environment containing acid, alkali and salt. Such as 304 stainless steel, in a dry and clean atmosphere, it has absolutely excellent anti-corrosion ability, but if it is moved to the seaside area, it will rust soon in the sea fog containing a lot of salt.
    Therefore, stainless steel does not rust in any environment."

    Why are stainless steel pot magnetic?

    Stainless steel itself is not magnetic. However, after cold work hardening (such as stretch forming), it will have a certain degree of magnetism, and it is not the use of low-quality materials. The more molding times, the stronger the magnetism.

    What are the advantages of different materials cookware?

    "Each type of cookware has its advantages, and it is important to choose the right one for you.
    The copper pot has the best heat conduction and can accurately control the heat, so it is suitable for heating condiments, but copper easily reacts with food and is not suitable for long-term use.
    The iron pot has good heat storage performance and high thermal stability. Food taste is less affected by temperature changes. Even if it leaves the fire source, it can still use the residual temperature to continuously heat the food. Therefore, it is suitable for frying meat, and the meat taste will be better, but Iron are prone to rust and require careful maintenance.
    Stainless steel pots combine the above two performances. Now most stainless steel pots have three-layer bottoms. The outermost layer is a magnetic conductive layer to achieve rapid heating. The middle layer is an aluminum layer to make the temperature even, and the interior is high-grade food Touch-safe stainless steel(18/10) for healthier cooking."

    Why does food stick to the bottom?

    The food sticks to the bottom because the temperature of the stainless steel pot rises rapidly after heating, and the temperature rises immediately after the food comes into contact with it, and it sticks to the pot. When using, we should use medium and low heat to make the pot heat evenly.

    How to prevent food sticking to the pan bottom?

    Food sticking to the bottom is usually caused by uneven heating of the pan or too high a temperature, and the food quickly chars when it comes into contact with the frying pan. Before we put meat or other food, we need to heat the pot evenly and then pour in the cooking oil, and control the temperature to be about 180°C.

    Are stainless steel cookware a good choice for cooking?

    Stainless steel kitchenware is a good choice for healthy cooking, but we must choose kitchenware made of SUS304 (18/10). The element of stainless steel is very stable during normal cooking and will not change the taste of food, but it cannot be used for long-term storage of acidic or alkaline food, because it will react with stainless steel.

    Are non-stick coatings healthy?

    Usually non-stick pans are due to the addition of Teflon coating on the surface of the pan, which has good chemical stability at 250 ° C, but will decompose harmful substances when it exceeds 350 ° C.

    Is it dishwasher safe?

    Yes, Dishwasher Safe

    Can stainless steel pans be put in the oven?

    The pot body is oven safe, but depending on the material of the handle, if it is a synthetic handle, it cannot enter the oven, and if it is an all-metal handle, it is okay to enter the oven.

    Can it be used on induction cooktops?

    Our pots are all three-layer bottom structure, which can be suitable for induction cooker, halogen cooker, electric ceramic cooker, gas cooker, etc.

    What is prohibited for stainless steel pots?

    "Foods that are too acid cannot be stored in stainless steel pots, because the electrolytes in these raw materials can have a complex ""electrochemical reaction"" with the metal elements in the stainless steel, so that the elements are dissolved in excess, which is not good for health.
    empty or dry burning is strictly prohibited as it may cause the bottom to deform or fall off."

    How to clean the newly bought stainless steel pan?

    Wash new stainless steel cookware with boiling water and neutral detergent before use. Although pans are cleaned at the factory, they still contain a small amount of industrial oil. Wipe the pans dry before storing to prevent the growth of bacteria.

    Why choose stainless steel kitchenware?

    "Compared with ceramic pots and iron pots, stainless steel pots have the advantages of being durable, rust-proof and easy to clean. However, the heat conduction of stainless steel pots is uneven, so our stainless steel pot adopts a three-layer composite bottom structure, and the high-end style has a three-layer composite structure.
    The three-layer composite structure is two layers of stainless steel and one layer of aluminum. It is formed at one time by high-tech technology, so that the pot is heated evenly and conducts heat quickly. The use of three-layer composite structure pots can not only fully maintain the nutritional content of food, but also maximize the health of housewives."