• Middle Part Of West Road, Huaqiao Village, Caitang Town, Chaoan District, Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
  • Mr. Cai: +86 18307684411

    Mon – Sat: 9:00–18:00

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    who we are

    Chaozhou Yutai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is  a manufactory specializes in the production of stainless steel cookware. The company covers an area of about 9,000 square meters and has about 100 workers, including workshop managers, quality inspectors, product designers, office staff and production staff. The main products are stainless steel steamer, stainless steel stockpot, stainless steel saucepan, stainless steel frying pan/wok, stainless steel mixing bowl, stainless steel plate and bowl, etc.

    Because of the automation of factory production in recent years, the number of production staff has been reduced, but the production speed has been improved and the product quality has become higher and higher.

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