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    YUTAI high-grade three-layer steel stainless steel steamer with steel handle

    Short Description:

  • Product Size: 30CM
  • FOB price: $ 31.4
  • MOQ: 1000 sets
  • Material: 304 three-layer hybrid stainless steel
  • Product Detail

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    Quick Details

    Packing color box + carton
    QTY/CTN 6 sets/CTN
    Supplier YUTAI
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Polishing Matte polished or as your request
    Logo Customized Logo Acceptable
    Bottom The whole body is compounded with three layers of stainless steel
    Sample Free sample
    Supply Capacity 500 sets/day
    Servece ODM & OEM
    Delivery time Samples are usually within 7 days, for custom orders need according to the quantity.

    Products Feature

    ● Nowadays, more and more Teflon non-stick pots are loved by people, but we still insist that uncoated pots are healthy cookware. Stainless steel has good stability under high temperature and will not release harmful substances to the human body. , if you wish to have a healthier cooking pot. Our three-layer steel steamer will be the absolute right choice for you.

    ● This is a set of high-grade steamers, the whole is made of three-layer mixed stainless steel, which heats faster and more evenly than traditional single-layer stainless steel.

    ● The traditional stainless steel pot only adds aluminum layer and magnetic conductive sheet at the bottom, but the aluminum layer and magnetic conductive layer of this pot are fully wrapped, including the pot wall, so his heating is more rapid and uniform, and the overall body of the pot is very thick and durable.

    YUTAI high-grade three-layer steel stainless steel steamer with steel handle 2

    About us

    YUTAI high-grade three-layer steel stainless steel steamer with steel handle 3

    Yutai is a factory that makes household items such as stainless steel cookware, pots and mixing bowls.
    After years of development, we continuously improve the production technology and reduce the production cost, we hope that customers can buy high-quality stainless steel cookware at an affordable price. Our quality is not only appreciated by domestic brands, but also meets the strict quality standards of Europe and Japan.
    Welcome customers at home and abroad to contact and cooperate.

    YUTAI 32CM metal plate, Indian style Curry plates and bowls (1)
    YUTAI 32CM metal plate, Indian style Curry plates and bowls (2)


    Q1: Why are stainless steel pot magnetic?

    Stainless steel itself is not magnetic. However, after cold work hardening (such as stretch forming), it will have a certain degree of magnetism, and it is not the use of low-quality materials. The more molding times, the stronger the magnetism.

    Q2: What are the advantages of different materials cookware?

    "Each type of cookware has its advantages, and it is important to choose the right one for you.
    The copper pot has the best heat conduction and can accurately control the heat, so it is suitable for heating condiments, but copper easily reacts with food and is not suitable for long-term use.
    The iron pot has good heat storage performance and high thermal stability. Food taste is less affected by temperature changes. Even if it leaves the fire source, it can still use the residual temperature to continuously heat the food. Therefore, it is suitable for frying meat, and the meat taste will be better, but Iron are prone to rust and require careful maintenance.
    Stainless steel pots combine the above two performances. Now most stainless steel pots have three-layer bottoms. The outermost layer is a magnetic conductive layer to achieve rapid heating. The middle layer is an aluminum layer to make the temperature even, and the interior is high-grade food Touch-safe stainless steel(18/10) for healthier cooking."

    Q3: Why does food stick to the bottom?

    The food sticks to the bottom because the temperature of the stainless steel pot rises rapidly after heating, and the temperature rises immediately after the food comes into contact with it, and it sticks to the pot. When using, we should use medium and low heat to make the pot heat evenly.

    Q4: How to prevent food sticking to the pan bottom?

    Food sticking to the bottom is usually caused by uneven heating of the pan or too high a temperature, and the food quickly chars when it comes into contact with the frying pan. Before we put meat or other food, we need to heat the pot evenly and then pour in the cooking oil, and control the temperature to be about 180°C.

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