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    YUTAI Two-layer Stainless Steel Saucepan With Glass Lid 16-18cm SUS316

    Short Description:

  • Product Size: 16cm 18cm
  • FOB price: $8.7-9.5
  • MOQ: 1000 sets
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Product Detail

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    Quick Details

    Packing polybag + color box + carton
    QTY/CTN 8 sets/CTN
    Brand Name YUTAI
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China
    Polishing Mirror polished or as your request
    Logo Customized Logo Acceptable
    Bottom Sandwich Bottom
    Sample Free sample
    Supply Capacity 1000 sets/day
    Servece ODM & OEM
    Delivery time Samples are usually within 7 days, for custom orders need according to the quantity.

    Products Feature

    Inner diameter: 16cm
    Height: 8.4cm+7cm
    Capacity: 1.5L
    Body material: SUS316, T=0.45mm
    Lid: tempered glass
    Handle: Bakelite

    Inner diameter: 18cm
    Height: 9.2cm+7cm
    Capacity: 2.0L
    Body material: SUS316, T=0.45mm
    Lid: tempered glass
    Handle: Bakelite

    Precautions for the use of stainless steel pots

    1. The flame should not exceed the bottom of the pot
    The material of the stainless steel pot is different from that of the iron pot. When using it, pay attention to the flame not exceeding the bottom of the pot, so as not to cause the pot to turn yellow or black. Do not dry the pot body for a long time, which will easily cause the pot to turn yellow.

    2. Do not brush stainless steel pots with steel brushes
    It is not recommended to brush with a steel brush, nor to rub with large crystals such as decontamination powder and salt. Especially the high-polished stainless steel pots and pans. After wiping it once, you will find that the pot is clean, but the polished surface is also completely destroyed.

    3. It is not advisable to store acidic and alkaline foods for a long time
    Acidic or alkaline foods must not be stored in metal containers overnight, but should be placed in porcelain tableware to prevent toxic substances in metal from penetrating into food.
    Stainless steel pots contain chromium and nickel. These two elements can withstand high temperatures below 400°C without being corroded in a non-acid or non-alkali environment. However, if they are exposed to acid and alkali foods for a long time, they will also react chemically, so It is not advisable to store salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup for a long time, nor decoction.

    Production Process

    1.Adjust the mold
    2.Cut raw materials
    3.Stretch forming
    4.Edge crimping
    5.Quality inspection
    6.Brazed sandwich bottom
    7.Quality inspection
    9.Quality inspection
    11.Make handle holes
    12.Install the handle
    13.Quality inspection
    15.Loading goods

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    About us

    Chaozhou Yutai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in stainless steel cookware. The main products are stainless steel steamers, saucepan, soup pots, stockpot,frying pan and so on.
    Our factory has 15 years of production experience, all products meet international quality standards, the factory area is 9,000 square meters, and there are about 100 workers.
    Welcome customers to contact and cooperate both from home and abroad.


    Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

    We are a manufacturer with two own factories, welcome to contact and cooperate.

    Q2: Where is your factory located?How can i visit there?

    We are located in Caitang, Chaozhou,Guangdong. Near Shantou city. 20 minutes to Chaoshan Airpot/Chaoshan train station.
    Welcome to visit us.

    Q3: Why does food stick to the bottom?

    The food sticks to the bottom because the temperature of the stainless steel pot rises rapidly after heating, and the temperature rises immediately after the food comes into contact with it, and it sticks to the pot. When using, we should use medium and low heat to make the pot heat evenly.

    Q4: Why do pans change color after use?

    The discoloration of the surface of the stainless steel pot is due to the oxidation reaction of the alloy at high temperature, which is a normal phenomenon and does not release toxic substances. Usually use should avoid using high fire cooking.

    Mr. Cai: +86 18307684411

    WeChat: 18307684411

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